Thank God for farmers that are friends!!!

The other morning I went out to start my normal chores at 6:00 a.m.  This includes feeding the pigs and horses. As I walked by my sows and the boar outside, I could see them all gathered around the outside of the new run in shelter that my husband just built for them. I stopped at the fence and they all looked at me and looked back down at the ground… As I got closer, I could see Mabel, one of our sows flipped upside down and wedged in between the back of the shed and the dug out area of dirt that we had yet to fill in.  Apparently when she was walking along to top of the dirt line, above the back side of the shed, she slipped and rolled over. She was stuck there since sometime after the night before’s feeding at 6:00. I quickly called my farmer/friend Eric Buel. He came right over and tied a rope to her back legs. We began to pull together and slowly we were able to get her flipped over and back on her belly! She was so dissheveled and weak. But through out the day she quickly regained her balance and the dehydration left her with all the water she drank. By last night she was running around with the heard again waiting for her dinner!

My point to this story is to thank my farmer friend, Eric. He dropped everything he had going on very early in the morning, i.e. feeding his very large heard of dairy cows, milking them, getting his children ready for school.  He dropped it all to help a fellow farmer in need. And in the process, he helped me save my pig’s life! So THANK YOU ERIC!!! Now go support your awesome local farmers! Have a great day!

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