About the Farm

We are members of the American Berkshire Association. All of our pigs we breed are registered with the ABA, so you can trace back to which pig your food came from. We are certified with the 100% Pure Berkshire Pork Program.

We have 3 Berkshire boar, and 24 Berkshire sows. Our pigs are stress free because they can roam around alone or in groups, build nests, and forage on bushes, shrubs and insects the way nature intended. Because our pigs are stress free they have no diseases, grow faster and have better tasting meat. The breed has tremendous meat quality and today’s consumers, both nationally and internationally, are really seeking out high-quality meat products, which is why we breed and sell Berkshires!

At night and in bad weather our pigs spend time inside open ended structures. Our bedding is three foot thick of wood chips instead of dirt or concrete. This thick bedding acts a cushion on pig joints reducing lameness. As urine and feces mixes with the chips, constant fermentation destroys pathogens and parasites. Heat from fermentation moderates the indoor temperature during our extreme winters. Indoor air gases or air born pathogens are not a problem with the constant removal of waste and the ventilation through our open ended buildings. Therefore, we have minimal veterinary bills.

On our farm our sows are bred only twice a year, and they farrow in larger pens that protect the piglets from extreme weather conditions but still allow freedom of movement.

We do not use antibiotics to promote growth, or to control or mask disease as with sub-therapeutic doses of antibiotics in feed. We believe in ethical, appropriate veterinary care. Through the age of 6 weeks an animal may receive reasonable therapeutic treatment for a specific illness. It must be prescribed by an independent veterinarian. After six weeks in age, we determine if an animal stays within our natural sustainable guidelines. If the animal receives treatment it will be removed from the herd.