About Heather & Daniel Driscoll

Heather Driscoll has her Paralegal Degree from the University of Connecticut. She was a Paralegal and Courtroom Clerk for 17 years. She now runs the accounting and sales side of her and her husband’s tree and landscaping company. Her second full time job is farming pigs and horses. Heather grew up around her grandfather’s dairy farm and then their horse farm. Her passion is horses. It has been a dream come true to farm full time and keep in tradition with her family. Heather’s grandfather was a long time dairy farmer in Tolland, CT before he passed away in 1984. She enjoys farming and knowing where her family’s food is coming from and that her children are not getting any antibiotics and added things that should not be in meat!

Dan Driscoll grew up in Fairfield, CT. Dan grew up helping and volunteering with the Audubon Society. He has always been an avid outdoors man and always loved working with animals. It has been a dream come true for Dan to farm too! Dan graduated from the University of Connecticut with a BS in Ecology & Biology. Dan was originally the one that got into pig farming. He truly enjoys working with and being around the pigs. He owns Country Landscapes & Tree and is also farming full time as well.

Dan and Heather have been married for 10 years and have 3 children.