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Green Valley Farm is pleased to offer different CSA options for our heritage Berkshire pork. Our pork is darker, juicier, more marbled, and more flavorful than the intensively-raised commercial pork you usually find in the grocery store. Once you taste this pork, you will understand why it is growing in popularity everywhere.

Rest assured that our animals are raised with care, and NO antibiotics, meat-based proteins, growth hormones, synthetics or artificial additives. Our pigs receive ample rangeland to roam and eat only organic feed, grain from our farm, acorns, and vegetable waste from our garden. In addition to the fresh air and exercise, a balanced diet makes the Berkshires healthy and happy.  Green Valley Farm’s Berkshire pigs live 100% of their lives as Mother Nature intended, foraging and living in the outdoors. We care for and look after our pigs from farrow to finish (birth to slaughter).  Great care is given to provide a safe, natural, and humane environment throughout every part of the life cycle.

Our pigs live low-stress lives enjoying the freedom to exercise a full range of their normal behaviors including rooting, scratching, running, wallowing, and taking sunbaths. They also turn the soil hunting for roots and trace minerals, and help to improve the pastures that nurture them. Raisings hog in such a way is a slower growing process than one would find on a conventional “factory farm” but raising hogs as we do produces a higher quality meat product than a confinement operation.

Because of the opportunity to live and play in the fresh air and drinking good, clean, water the meat produced by these contented pigs has a more red color than the pork many people find in the grocery store (NOT “the other white meat”). In all other respects, it is behaves in the kitchen just like other pork, except of course for the healthy, succulent flavor. Also, because our pigs live out of doors and on pasture, our pork is rich with natural antioxidants from forages and sunlight. None of our products ever contain MSG, nitrates or nitrites, or any other fillers and chemicals- just healthy heritage breed pork raised right here in Connecticut !!!!!!!

The Berkshire pigs we raise are sourced from a herd registered with the American Berkshire Association as 100% Pure Berkshire Pork®.

Green Valley Farm pasture-raised Berkshire Pork by

Heather & Daniel Driscoll