The tastiest pork

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  1. On Jan 3rd, 2013 Tracey said:

    As a mother, it is such a peace of mind to know exactly where your meat is coming from and who is actually “making your dinner.” I am constantly anxious about the food I buy from grocery stores and having no idea who has handled it and what sort of process it has been through. Green Valley Farm has taken that anxiety away. I know exactly where my pork is coming from and on top of that is the most delicious pork I have ever tasted.After eating this meat I am not able to return to grocers meat, it’s flavor is so different it makes you wonder what is really happening with commercial meat. Amazing product from an amazing farm!

  2. On Jan 6th, 2013 Mona Wood said:

    We recently had the great pleasure of serving to our guests a pork rib roast from Green Valley Farm. It was by far the best pork roast I have ever served! A little garlic, salt, pepper and VOILA! A definite gourmet delight! Thank you so much!

  3. On Jan 15th, 2013 Heather said:

    Thank you SO much for your continued support!

  4. On Jan 15th, 2013 Shannon said:

    We ONLY eat organic beef, pork & chicken. That is all that I will allow for my family of 6. Knowing that this meat is farm to table is so reassuring. It’s consistently great meat! We have never been disappointed in any of the products we have eaten from Green Valley Farm!

  5. On Jan 15th, 2013 corinne walsh said:

    alls i have to say is AMAZING ! along with : you will never want to buy pork anywhere else! everything they sell taste great and very fresh ! the hot dogs are YUMMY ! THANK YOU HEATHER AND DAN

  6. On Jan 24th, 2013 Danielle Rigby said:

    Whether you want to go organic or just want the best tasting pork you’ve ever tried, Green Valley Farm is the place. All other pork products taste mediocre at best to me now. I won’t eat any body else’s pork any more!

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